Dance Co-Lab: Choreography and Dance Intensive ~ June 19-30, 2017




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Mission Statement:

To bring professional composers, musicians, choreographers, and dancers together for the purpose of collaboration and the presentation of new compositions.


Application Deadline: May 12 (extended)




Program Details:

June 19-30

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A 2-week choreography and dance intensive — daily technique and choreography classes, workshop panels, music and dance concerts, and several performance opportunities for local to international dancers and choreographers. Under the guidance of professionals in the field, choreographers and dancers work together while collaborating with music composers. Their collaborations premiere in concert as a series of original, seamless music and dance pieces.


The Charlotte New Music Festival & Dane Co-Lab is the only event of its kind in the region and is one of only a few places of summer study that choreographers, dancers, music composers, and musicians can attend together in the country.


Make sure to check out the rest of the Dance Co-Lab website via our drop-down menu! Read about our faculty, class descriptions, choreographer/dancer workshops, and visit our photo gallery. 





“The Charlotte New Music Festival gave me an opportunity to experience things I never expected to be able to do this early on in my career. Collaborating with a composer, setting a work on both student and professional dancers, and taking classes from so many brilliant minds made every moment of this festival something I will cherish forever.” – Shanna Fragen (Choreographer)


“Participating as a professional dancer for the Charlotte New Music Festival’s Dance Co-Lab was an extremely rewarding experience. It was the best festival that I’ve been a part of in Charlotte. I am excited to have such a unique and exciting collaborative festival here and look forward to participating in the future.” – Camerin Watson, Co-Artistic Director of Taproot Ensemble (Professional Dancer)


“Even though I have been dancing for 18+ years now, I was challenged in ways I have not yet been in my career so far. I came out of the experience with more knowledge about myself, the pleasure of performing with live musicians, and having the chance to connect with other talented artists. I will definitely be a part of the festival in the future!” – Rayni Collins, Dance/Movement Therapist and Mental Health Counselor (Professional Dancer)


“As a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer, I found the program extremely rigorous. It challenged me mentally, physically, energetically, and emotionally. I met amazing artists who I plan on collaborating with in the near future. The support, camaraderie, and genuine love expressed between the participants of the program was nothing short of amazing. This program is an example of what is possible if we all come together with the goal of sharing Light and artisty.” – Aaron R. White (Professional Dancer)


“Happily surprised by the absolutely wonderful quality of classes, rehearsals, and professionalism for the Dance Co-Lab. I loved the mix of local and national choreographers– new and familiar faces coming together to make art!” – Anonymous Off Campus Choreographer


“I had a pretty incredible experience as a choreographer in this program. I love what my dancers, composer, and I created together and the process was amazing. I would definitely work with my composer again…my favorite part was working with professional dancers. It is something that I never expected to be doing this early on in my career and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity.” – Anonymous On-Campus Choreographer (exit survey, 2014)


“This was a phenomenal experience. The end product was very successful and I felt like we actually accomplished what we were hoping for…I would definitely work with my composer and my dancers again. They were all incredible.” – Anonymous On-Campus Choreographer (exit survey, 2014)


“I am very proud of what came out of this experience and I learned so much from every little moment.” – Anonymous On-Campus Choreographer (exit survey, 2014)


“It was a new experience for me and it was one of the best parts of the performance; having live music enhanced the performance experience. The best part for me was having access to so many wonderful classes from dancers I have not worked with before.” – Anonymous Professional Dancer (exit survey, 2014)


“Collaborating with a composer was an enlightening experience. I feel that I learned a lot in the name of how to speak to others about dance, how to explain what I’m looking for, and how to truly collaborate.” – Anonymous On-Campus Choreographer (exit survey, 2014)


“This was a fantastic experience! I would definitely work with my choreographer again and any of the dancers/choreographers involved for that matter…It was a great opportunity to dance with such talented people, professionals or not. The best part about rehearsals was how focused we had to be but yet how open my choreographer was to molding the movements to our own bodies. There really was no limit and so the project became something more than choreography I had to do.” – Anonymous Dance Student (exit survey, 2014)


“This experience was more than I expected and I was very impressed with the success of the festival…it was easy to communicate with everyone including Arlynn. She did a great job of getting to know each and everyone of us and making sure that we were always taken care of.” – Anonymous Dance Student (exit survey, 2014)


“Everything was very thought out and well put together…I really enjoyed my time as a student dancer. The intensive really supported me as a student and allowed me to learn from the many talented professional dancers as well as the choreographers. I felt very welcomed and although I was not as experienced as many of the other dancers were i did not feel out of place.” – Anonymous Dance Student (exit survey, 2014)





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