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Promote Charlotte’s growing reputation as a center for contemporary classical music and dance through unique educational experiences, compelling performances, and innovative collaborations across artistic disciplines.


Charlotte New Music Festival

Composers Workshop & Dance Co-LAB


  • New and emerging music composers can experience the collaborative processes with top professional musicians, gain exposure through concerts, and work alongside other gifted individuals to express new music in various ways.
  • Talented choreographers and dancers can attend daily technique classes, workshops, and rehearsals. In the process, guided collaborations between choreographers and music composers culminate in the performances of their new works.

Elizabeth Kowalski

Founder & Executive Artistic Director

Elizabeth Kowalski headshotA multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Elizabeth is experienced in composing music for film, dance, & mixed media.  The influence of world folk music can be heard in her music and she has a passion for creating electro-acoustic works paired with visual art.


In 2012, Moon Garden (for guitar and clarinet) received third prize in the National MTNA Composition Competition. Another piece composed for cello, electronics, and dance,Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, won the Dance Magazine award and was performed at the Kennedy Center in May of 2012.


Aside from composing music, Elizabeth is a freelance performer, teaches at a local college, and gives private lessons in Piano, Flute, and Music Composition.


M.M. in Composition from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro; B.A. Music, UNC-Charlotte.



David Schneider

Program Director, Max Workshop

David Schneider is a musician with a wide range of interests. A composer by training, with degrees from Indiana University and the University of Southern California, David has also been active as a singer, pianist, teacher, and music copyist. His thoroughly eclectic compositions have explored many styles, from Medieval polyphony to 1970s R&B, and many sources of inspiration, from classical Latin poetry to skiing. He is currently working to integrate his latest obsessions, electronic music and alternative tunings, into his musical language, which up until now has been almost exclusively acoustic and equal-tempered. A fifth-generation Californian by birth, David has been quite the nomad lately, having lived in Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, and Washington State in the past five years. He currently lives in Seattle with his wife and two cats.

Drew Dolan

Program Director, Composers Workshop


Drew Dolan’s activities as a composer have involved instrumental compositions, performance, improvisation, and interdisciplinary collaboration.  As a composer, he has received performances in America and Europe from artists and ensembles such as the Clibber Jones Ensemble, 15.19 Ensemble, the University of Akron Men’s Chorus, pianist Kristofer Rucinski, Kennesaw State Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Cartel, Terminus Ensemble, pianist Michiko Otaki, neoPhonia, and the percussion ensembles at Kennesaw State University, Georgia State University, Columbus State University, and Brevard College.  His music is frequently heard at new music festivals such as the Applause Music Concert Series, TUTTI, highSCORE, UPBEAT, and the Charlotte New Music Festival. 


His experiences as a percussionist have seen numerous performances in solo and chamber settings with a focus on new works by living and emerging composers, having given several world and local premieres.  He also frequently performs in improvisatory settings using a diverse array of instruments and multimedia tools, which have included accordion, didgeridoo, laptop, and robots. 


Dolan completed doctoral studies in composition at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music; he also holds degrees from Bowling Green State University and Georgia State University.  A committed teacher, Dolan has taught courses in Music Theory and World Music at Kennesaw State University in Georgia, and currently teaches a course on 20th Century Music and Politics for the University of Cincinnati. 


Shawn Milloway

Program/Production Assistant

Shawn received a BM in Composition from Appalachian State University, and is currently pursuing an MM in Comp. at UNCG.  He also studied for a year at Peabody with Dr. Oscar Bettison. Shawn’s most recent music seeks to blend the harmonic language of atonalists and spectralists with the rhythm, forms, and force of proggressive rock, disco, and funk.


Alongside his compositions, Shawn has done live sound, recording engineering, and audio engineering for various acts, notably Turkish rock star Demir Demirkan.  Furthermore, as an APPalPie Scholar at Appalachian State University, he did professional engraving work for the estate of the composer Tui St. George Tucker.


Lowell Fuchs

Production Manager


Lowell Gerard Fuchs (b. 1993, Atlanta) is a composer who currently resides in Greensboro, NC.  An explorer of unique extramusical concepts, Lowell’s curiosity shepherds his compositions in various directions.  From graphic art notation constructed from oil stains, to multimedia works conceived from theories in neuroscience on reality and consciousness, a fascination of human perception, social movements, and sense of community are the cornerstones to many of his compositions.  Much of his works encompass a strong symbolic and programmatic undertone, often concerning community, politics and the human condition.


His recent works include, MAYA (commissioned by saxophonist Reese Burgan, VDAY Global Organization, and Lone Star College Montgomery – Houston, TX), People (commissioned by pianist James W. Iman, Pittsburgh, PA), and AMERICAN BEAUTY (commissioned by Bent Frequency, Atlanta, GA).  Lowell is currently working on a multimedia work commissioned by Chamber Cartel (Atlanta, GA), a work for loadbang (NYC), and a series of quasi-improvised works that reanimate antique artifacts for musical purposes.  His music has been heard at New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, Atlanta’s SoundNOW Contemporary Classical Music Festival, Boston’s Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice, Charlotte New Music Festival, the XXII Festival Eduardo Mata in Oaxaca, Mexico, and elsewhere.


Currently, Lowell is working with the Charlotte New Music Festival as Production Manager while attending the University of North Carolina Greensboro for a Masters of Music in Music Composition.  He holds a Teaching Assistant position and was awarded a Graduate Fellowship at UNCG.  Lowell received his B.M. degree from Georgia State University and held a University Assistantship at GSU’s School of Music and was awarded Lucille Allen Memorial Scholarship (2013-2015).  His principle composition teachers include Mark Engebretson (2016), Mischa Salkind-Pearl (16-17), Alejandro Rutty (2017), Robert Scott Thompson (2014-2015) and Brent Milam (2013-2014).  He also studied closely with composer Nickitas Demos (2012-2015) and percussion professor Stuart Gerber (2011-2014).  For more information, please visit



Adam Scott Neal

Program Director, Composers Workshop

Adam Scott Neal (b. 1981, Atlanta) is a composer, video artist, and improviser. He earned a PhD at the University of Florida and previous degrees at Queen’s University Belfast and Georgia State University. Adam has enjoyed over 150 performances of his music in 28 states and 9 countries. He is Program Director for the Charlotte New Music Festival and Co-Artistic Director of Terminus Ensemble. He lives in Greenville, NC, where he is on staff at East Carolina University.

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