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The Charlotte New Music Festival program book is provided at all Festival events where it is referenced before, during, and after performances.  The book is also distributed around the region to local businesses, shops, and hotels prior to the concert series.  Nearly 100 percent of audience members read this publication!  The book is also read by our participating musicians who continue to reference it post-season at leading universities, conservatories, and concert halls around the nation.  CNMF patrons save, cherish, and share their book for years as prized mementos.


Spectators of the Charlotte New Music Festival are an ideal audience for local merchants and a great demographic to advertise to.  Our patrons are well educated, successful, and active in the community.  By advertising in this publication, you are not only supporting the region’s newest cultural attraction, you will be exposing your business to an influential clientele as well.



Publication Details


1/8 page, black and white (2.1″ tall – 2.75″ wide) – $40
1/4 page, black and white (4.25″ tall – 2.75″ wide) – $75
1/2 page, black and white (4.25″ tall – 5.5″ wide) – $150
Full page, black and white (8.5″ tall – 5.5″ wide) – $250
Full page, inside front/back covers, full color, w/bleed (8.5″ tall – 5.5″ wide) – $375
Full page, back cover, full color, w/bleed (8.5″ tall – 5.5″ wide) – $475

Purchases will be supplemented with an advertisement of your company logo and weblink on the festival’s website for one full calendar year.



How to Order

To purchase, please contact us via email at or via phone at 704.951.5910.  Payment can be made via check or credit card.

Print quality artwork is due May 19th, 2014.  High quality emailed .pdf or .jpg is preferred.

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